Rakenduvadhana Srinivasan

(pen/artist name: V.S. Rakenduvadhana) is a Indian neuroscientist, writer, poet and visual artist based in Helsinki. While pursuing her scientific interest, she has had a lifelong passion for philosophy, consciousness and eastern schools of thought, and her writing and talks explore these themes. She actively works towards creating an edifice of interdisciplinarity in science, art and philosophy through her heterogenous endeavours. She is passionate about disseminating egalitarianism in science and is involved in a myriad of advocacy efforts in various academic and international bodies pertaining to science and education.

Neuroscience research interests:

Her doctoral research focuses on the intricacies of the maturation and development of interneurons. She examines the roles of two key players: cation chloride cotransporter KCC2 and Kainate receptors to understand their implication in the function and maturation of interneurons: during developmental milestones and disease states. 

She specializes in brain slice electrophysiology and has conducted research exploring themes of GABAergic inhibition and concomitant mechanisms since 2016. She previously investigated GABAA receptor structure-function relationship and modulation, neurotransmitter uncaging technologies, neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative etiologies